Accountant for your business

Accountant for your business


Are you looking for an accountant for a company?

We know your business well and we offer a unique online accounting service adapted to the needs of today’s businesses, responsive, simple and efficient.

Are you in the process of creating a business?

When a company does not have an in-house accounting department, it must call on the services of a chartered accountant firm that will be able to respond to all the specific issues related to its activity, its taxation, its taxation , but also to the particularities of the chosen status. As for companies with their own accounting department, they also have every interest in being monitored by an external firm that will be able to offer them the support essential to their growth.

Allow you to choose the best status for your business

Depending on the status chosen, the company will not meet the same social, tax and legal responsibility criteria. Prior to the creation of the structure, it is important to know all the subtleties of each legal solution in order to opt for the most coherent and make the most of it. Roaming in the middle of entrepreneurship, the chartered accountant is one of the main supports of the business creator.

Sound management

Apprentice entrepreneurs quickly discover that doing their own accounting is not the best idea. How to carry out a professional activity, most often very demanding, and the keeping of the company’s accounts? All while being informed in real time of the texts of laws, decrees and other new provisions to be taken into account during each accounting movement. To optimize its performance, any company, in creation or established, large, medium or small, has an interest in enlisting the services of an accounting firm specializing in its sector.

Work with a corporate accountant

Our accounting firm is used to working for VSEs, SMEs and ETIs. Our firm has been working since 2009 with companies of all kinds.

Our accounting firm currently works with 523 corporate Clients, who have chosen to work with our firm because it innovates and provides them with solutions that they could not find elsewhere.

Choose the best of online accountants and classic accountants.

Our accounting company, which has been in existence for over 10 years, wanted to solve problems and save companies time and money.

If you have ever worked with a classic accountant, you know that you have to dedicate time to accounting management: retrieval and management of expense reports, supplier invoices, customer invoices, entry of all these documents in accounting, etc.

This is rarely what delights business leaders, who prefer to devote a minimum of time to these tasks and a maximum to their real job: designing new products, working on missions for a client, meeting the client to build loyalty. , training in new technologies, doing research and development, prospecting for new customers, etc.

It is for this reason that our accounting firm has developed its own technologies. With us :

  • you issue your invoices directly from your computer or smartphone and customer invoices are automatically recorded
  • we automatically retrieve your bank statements from your online bank and follow the receipts
  • as a bonus, you have real-time access to revenue and cash flow dashboards
  • With, you enter new generation accounting: simpler, less time-consuming and more precise.
  • You gain in simplicity: invoicing, bookkeeping, management of supporting documents, everything is simpler.

Better than a classic accountant: an online accountant

In practice, you do not meet your accountant every day. So whether he is in Paris in Marseille does not matter. We usually meet him once a year to close the accounts because there is a lot of work to do and documents to produce. But thanks to the technologies of, the work of closing the annual accounts is simpler, takes less time and can be done remotely. No need to block two or three days as with the classic accountant to finalize his accounts. Everything goes faster.

This is why hundreds of self-employed people and SMEs are opting for the services of online accountants, which offer more flexibility and precision: access to precise dashboards to optimize the management of your activity, automatic recognition proof of expenses by artificial intelligence, immediate integration of invoices into the accounts.


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