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All you need to know about m.Stock’s Refer & Earn program.


In the dynamic realm of stock trading, securing a dependable and cost-effective brokerage account holds paramount importance for investors. Over recent years, the proliferation of online trading platforms offering zero brokerage accounts has revolutionized investors’ access to the stock market, with m.Stock emerging as a notable player in this space. Notably, m.Stock has garnered significant popularity by introducing a Refer & Earn program, enhancing the allure of its services. This article delves into the intricacies of the m.Stock Refer & Earn Program, elucidating how investors can capitalize on this lucrative initiative.

Understanding the m.Stock Refer & Earn Program

m.Stock’s Refer & Earn program stands as a promotional initiative designed to incentivize existing customers to refer new individuals to the platform. Under this program, m.Stock account holders stand to earn a ₹555 referral reward for each successful referral. This reward is promptly credited to the referrer’s trading account when the referee successfully opens a zero brokerage demat account. Subsequently, referrers have the flexibility to transfer the reward amount to their bank account or utilize it for share market trading.

Understanding the Refer & Earn Process

Participating in the m.Stock Refer & Earn program is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how it operates:

Open a m.Stock Demat account: If you aren’t already a m.Stock Demat account holder, initiate the process by opening an account. The account opening procedure is swift, taking less than 5 minutes to complete.

Refer friends to m.Stock: Once your Demat account is active, commence referring friends and acquaintances to the platform. Share your referral link or input their details in the ‘Refer & Earn’ section on the m.Stock web portal or trading app.

Receive ₹555 reward for each successful referral: Upon successful account opening by your referred friend, you earn a referral reward of ₹555. This reward is credited to your m.Stock trading account within 24 hours. The program’s scalability allows you to maximize your rewards by accumulating more referrals, potentially obtaining your Demat account for free and even earning additional income.

Advantages of the m.Stock Refer and Earn Program:

Passive Income Stream: The m.Stock Refer and Earn initiative presents users with an opportunity to establish a passive income source. By simply referring friends and family to m.Stock, individuals can earn money without the need for significant investments or extensive efforts.

Zero Brokerage Demat Account: An appealing feature of m.Stock is its zero brokerage Demat account, which serves as a compelling incentive for potential users. The absence of brokerage charges for life ensures that users can engage in stock trading without concerns about brokerage fees diminishing their profits.

User-Friendly Platform:m.Stock offers a seamlessly navigable interface, simplifying the referral process for users. The app and web portal are designed for user convenience, making it easy to share unique referral links effortlessly.

Transparent Reward System: Transparency is a key feature of m.Stock’s Refer and Earn program. The platform promptly credits referral rewards to users’ trading accounts, fostering trust and motivating users to engage in more referrals confidently.

Unlocking Opportunities with m.Stock’s Refer & Earn Program

m.Stock’s Refer & Earn program provides a compelling opportunity for demat and trading account holders to accrue rewards by referring friends and family. With a streamlined account opening process, a generous referral reward of ₹555 per successful referral, and the flexibility to withdraw rewards without restrictions, this program creates a mutually beneficial scenario for both referrers and referees. If you’re a m.Stock demat account holder, seize the opportunity to refer friends and acquaintances to m.Stock’s ₹999 Zero Brokerage account, kickstart your reward earnings and enrich your investment journey with m.Stock by Mirae Asset.


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