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What Is SEO and Does Your Business Need It In 2023


SEO has been a common marketing strategy for many businesses for several years. However, for new brands, they are reluctant to use SEO to help elevate their brand. The reason why is because they could be waiting a long time before they start to see results. Although that is true, the return on investment is massive in the long run.

What Is SEO?

For those unsure what SEO is, it is a marketing strategy to improve organic visibility. However, it isn’t there to only improve rankings and help you get onto the first page of Google. It is something that a brand needs to help improve the user experience on a website. 

If you get your website ranking on the first page of Google and improve the navigation and speed of your website. You will soon see the rewards. 

Improves Organic Visibility 

One of the main reasons why a brand uses SEO as part of its marketing strategy is to improve organic traffic. To do this, they need to optimise their content for relevant keywords. It will then improve their organic rankings, hoping to get onto the first page of Google. Lets give you an example. 

If you are an investment lawyer who specialises in retrieving people’s losses through internet scams, you must optimise your content for relevant search terms. It is also important to have numerous pages across the website where you can implement different keywords. This helps you to increase your visibility further, hoping to increase revenue.

Increase Organic Traffic

It is a simple equation. If you don’t have traffic landing on your website, you won’t have any sales. SEO can help with that, increasing traffic to your website. Not only will you see more traffic but it will also be qualified traffic. Making it more likely that a user will buy a product or enquire about the service you offer. If you see an opportunity to optimise for another service, create another page where you can optimise for different keywords. 

Improves User Experience

User experience has always been important for a website. It is essential to help drive more sales to your website as well. Think about it, if you visit a website and it is slow, you are less likely to buy from it. However, if you go on one of their competitors and that website is fast, you are more likely to buy a product from them. 


There is no doubt that SEO is one of the best marketing strategies out there however, businesses still avoid it. It is easy to understand why as well. You must put a lot of money into SEO before you see the rewards. Sometimes, it can take 6-12 months before you see more traffic and an increase in revenue. Nevertheless, once that traffic starts to come through, you will soon see the return on investment. It doesn’t matter if you are an investment fraud lawyer or a paint and decorator, SEO will get you the traffic you need.


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